Thursday, November 15, 2007

A New Year with lots of possibilities!

Baby Bryce is here!
The Hills: Well our little Blinker finally arrived on January 10th, 2010! Bryce W Hill has been such a blessing and a joy! Brandon and I really loved having Mom and Jenny, Joan and Wayne out to visit. Seeing them with our little guy was so special and the help was SOOOO greatly appreciated (thank you! thank you!). Mom's prepared meals and 4am rockabyes to sleep were so great. Jenny's neatly organized dresser for Bryce made all the difference in getting him dressed each day and he loves to look at her fantastic artwork- we both do! Joan's incredible "how does she have all this energy?" cleaning, organizing and 4am snuggle time with Brycie was a huge help! And now thanks to Wayne, we have more shelves in our pantry and laundry room! YAY! It's been so nice to have more room in the kitchen and each day is easier because we have a downstairs changing table set up on the dryer! :)
Bee stayed with me another week. When he went back to work on Wednesday, I was really nervous. How was I going to carry this almost 14 lb child all over the house? Would he be fussy or good for me? Well, I managed to carry him (it get's easier each day), and now I find that our alone time together is pretty dang special. Not to mention, with Bee gone at work, I get a lot more done around here! :)I cannot wait for Dad and Red to meet Bryce for the first time - and Gram and Jack and the rest of my family! We're planning his baby blessing for May 15th and are saving for flights out to Utah.
Bryce is such a joy. He is such a happy baby and we love him to pieces.
Recent Photos


Video 1: Labor - after the epidural :)

Video 2: The Birth of Bryce: I am so glad we have this video. The voice you primarily hear is my anesthesiologist, Dr. Lapinski. She was a hoot. Then later, you hear Dr. Brock say "You didn't want to come out that way, did you big guy?" The room was entirely full of women.... 7 nurses and the Dr. The only guy(s) in the room were Bee and Bryce. :)
Most hospitals these days do not allow video during the actual birth, especially not during a C-section. They do allow still photos and I'm sure they thought our digital camera was just taking stills and not a video. Bee didn't know. But I am so glad he took this. I cried the first time I watched it. I think it's incredible.

Video 3: Bryce is measured at 21.5 inches long.

Video 4: Gamma Sharon gives Brycie-boo his first bath!

Video 5: Bryce's new swing - he LOVES it!

Video 6: Brycie and Mommy's new diaper change song - our rendition of Man in the Mirror LOL

Video 7: Bryce's new Easter Donald :) I found it at Hallmark and could not resist!

Video 8: Erik says goodbye to Brycie at the JAX airport - March 16th, 2010

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